Opening 2018
Ostaga Music
Geneva, NY

Learn about music lessons and classes at Ostaga Music School.


Unique innovative music instruemtns and merchandise with an American-Made emphasis.
Specializing in local, regional, and USA made instruments and music equipment.

Ostaga Music provides music lessons, instruments, equipment, and repairs in Geneva, NY. The school is now open and accepting new students. Our new retail location will open in 2018. Visit for more information.

Ostaga Music LLC is a music store and school based in Geneva, NY. We’re bringing a fresh approach to music retail in the Finger Lakes. At Ostaga, we seek out high-quality American made products for the discerning musician, and with our product knowledge and experience, we guide musicians to the right purchase. One thing you will find at Ostaga that you won’t find in any other music store is that we showcase great American brands, and we’re always looking to discover new ones, too! Just let us know!

About Ostaga Music______________________________
What sets Ostaga apart from the rest? We are local and domestic minded. We believe in community and supporting our local economy, musicians, and organizations. We seek out as many products as possible from American made sources.

  • We partner with local artisans, engineers, and designers to develop unique music related products.

  • Ostaga Music is proud to highlight innovative and hand-crafted music products from manufacturers based in New York State.

  • Ostaga Music is proud to highlight innovative and hand-crafted music products from American manufacturers.

  • Some products are only available from overseas manufacturers. We make sure our products that are made with responsible practices to the environment and workers.

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